Monday, May 22, 2017

Emotions And Evolution

We all deal with stuff at times. The test of being human is knowing how best to deal with our emotions. Not everyone is capable of either getting professional help or even having the motivation to seek it. As a matter of act I am a supporter of the idea that everyone should be getting treatment by those capable of giving it and those that aren't able to get to where treatment is given should have treatment come to them...the latter being the case for people most likely either dealing with severe depression and/or not having access to personal or public transportation. This is a kind of social reform I could get behind.

Anyway, we all have trying times. The best thing we can try to do is separate the problem from the lives of those that intersect our own...I understand that is impossible for everyone, especially for some dealing with social anxiety and/or antisocial behavior. If at all capable, we should compartmentalize our emotions and the triggers of them and deal with them at the appropriate time...if there is none or never will be, all we can do is look back at how we have dealt with it in the past and realize how to better deal with it in the future.

It's not possible for everyone to master their emotions, but with care and support I think we can strive towards a a future where out emotions do not rule us and in so doing we might be able to achieve world peace.

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