Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Okay, maybe not really but I have been on a serious movie watching kick and there is nothing wrong with that, so far I have watched I total of 8 movies in 5 days. I ended up re-watching Blank Check tonight and watched Song of the Sea for the first time.

Blank Check is a fun 90s flick to revisit every once in a blue moon. It's not very realistic but it is an easy movie to watch if you just want a movie that might help you feel like a kid again. For all it's flaws, it is fun to get lost in this enjoyable popcorn flick.

Song of the Sea really hit me hard. Not that I cried or got so strongly moved that I got choked up, but it made me realize my place in this world a little better. We all have a responsibility to each other, to love one another regardless of any pain we may be going through. I recently had a breakthrough that taught me that I need to make the effort to be there for the people that care about me...I can't be so wrapped up in myself that I forget to be a part of this world. And even if my place feels small, it is not the size of my role that matters too much, but rather it is the fact that I am making an effort to shine my light. Sure, when we are kids and experience a tragedy it might be easy to be a bit vindictive or even angry over being abandoned, but there has to be a force of good in the life of a child, a force that teaches to love one another despite the hardship.

I still struggle with accepting my place in this world and I do want for more, for a bigger role. But I accept that if where I am is where I am meant to be than I will be alright...that doesn't mean that I accept the hand I have been dealt, it means that I am going to work to build something bigger for myself. And with enough patience and time and the right tools, I can build the foundation of something great.

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