Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Silence

I started blogging pretty strong, went a little more than a week with posting something here every day. Over the past three days I haven't posted anything. While I certainly want to try to post something here everyday, there's no guarantee I will be able to. Making the effort just isn't enough...I need material to draw from and if there isn't anything weighty enough to sound off about on than there really isn't any point in producing content. Forced content is usually sub-par and I do not want to produce sub-par content for my blog.

That being said, I have gotten my new camera and did an unboxing video of it. I also did my first vlog with it.

I have been working on my latest rpg world, Malathea. In the past I have shared my progress on what I am working on as it has solidified, but this time around I plan on changing that. As each section (chapters) of the players prospectus and world guide get completed, I will be uploading them to Facebook & The Piazza. Once the first section is done, I will be creating a group on Facebook for the ongoing development of the world, when the group is live I will of course include a link to it here on my blog.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Okay, maybe not really but I have been on a serious movie watching kick and there is nothing wrong with that, so far I have watched I total of 8 movies in 5 days. I ended up re-watching Blank Check tonight and watched Song of the Sea for the first time.

Blank Check is a fun 90s flick to revisit every once in a blue moon. It's not very realistic but it is an easy movie to watch if you just want a movie that might help you feel like a kid again. For all it's flaws, it is fun to get lost in this enjoyable popcorn flick.

Song of the Sea really hit me hard. Not that I cried or got so strongly moved that I got choked up, but it made me realize my place in this world a little better. We all have a responsibility to each other, to love one another regardless of any pain we may be going through. I recently had a breakthrough that taught me that I need to make the effort to be there for the people that care about me...I can't be so wrapped up in myself that I forget to be a part of this world. And even if my place feels small, it is not the size of my role that matters too much, but rather it is the fact that I am making an effort to shine my light. Sure, when we are kids and experience a tragedy it might be easy to be a bit vindictive or even angry over being abandoned, but there has to be a force of good in the life of a child, a force that teaches to love one another despite the hardship.

I still struggle with accepting my place in this world and I do want for more, for a bigger role. But I accept that if where I am is where I am meant to be than I will be alright...that doesn't mean that I accept the hand I have been dealt, it means that I am going to work to build something bigger for myself. And with enough patience and time and the right tools, I can build the foundation of something great.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Emotions And Evolution

We all deal with stuff at times. The test of being human is knowing how best to deal with our emotions. Not everyone is capable of either getting professional help or even having the motivation to seek it. As a matter of act I am a supporter of the idea that everyone should be getting treatment by those capable of giving it and those that aren't able to get to where treatment is given should have treatment come to them...the latter being the case for people most likely either dealing with severe depression and/or not having access to personal or public transportation. This is a kind of social reform I could get behind.

Anyway, we all have trying times. The best thing we can try to do is separate the problem from the lives of those that intersect our own...I understand that is impossible for everyone, especially for some dealing with social anxiety and/or antisocial behavior. If at all capable, we should compartmentalize our emotions and the triggers of them and deal with them at the appropriate time...if there is none or never will be, all we can do is look back at how we have dealt with it in the past and realize how to better deal with it in the future.

It's not possible for everyone to master their emotions, but with care and support I think we can strive towards a a future where out emotions do not rule us and in so doing we might be able to achieve world peace.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Another Movie Night

So tonight I watched another two movies...Mazes and MonstersHot Pursuit. It looks like I am back on the movie watching bandwagon, and just in time no less. I recently was gifted Amazon Prime from my family as an early birthday present and I have been fully enjoying the benefits of its streaming services.

Mazes and Monsters (4 stars out of 5), while not a perfect movie is very well done and very sad. It could have been done a bit better, mostly just a lighting issue. The plot is solid and strong and we witness the mental degeneration of Robbie, played by Tom Hanks, slink into a world of fantasy made real due to his inability to cope with the loss of his brother.

Hot Pursuit (4.5 stars out of 5) was phenomenal...and again while not a perfect movie, it comes damn close. I love Reese Witherspoon as an actress and seeing her paired up with Sofía Vergara was terrific...they are dynamic together and it is a pairing I would love to see more of. This movie might be thought of as a "Chick Flick", but I beg to is a cop comedy. I really enjoyed it as it was gritty and humorous and realistic. The depravity of humanity, the depths to how low a cop can sink to, is portrayed really well...and shows that no matter how high up on the hierarchy of law is, no one is immune to being corrupt.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Movie Night

So lately I have been slacking off in watching movies. Tv shows are really my forté...but there are times when I get a little run down on tv and need to inject my life with something a bit more solid that requires less effort and time to wrap my mind around a plot...and that is where movies come in.

Today I ended up watching Interstellar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows. I really enjoyed both...each being completely different genres and fun though.

I definitely need to make more of an effort to watch more it can get just a little depressing as a cinephile when I am not getting my requisite quotient of films. I am going to try to aim for at least one every three days...10 per month.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

State of the A.R.T. is Launched!

Greetings friends and fellow human beings! My name is Angel R. Tarragon and this is my blog. Within this archive, you may find my ramblings from anything and everything that interests me; from things esoteric, fantastic, ghastly, grim, horrible, maddening and macabre.

First off let me tell you that I am slightly insane. I have been on this Earth some 40 years and I am forever doing things that make no never mind and hardly ever amount to anything worth a dime. However, being that I am retired, I can spend my time doing anything my feeble mind wishes to do or not do.

I have a handful of primary interests that you will be privy to and they are; architecture, photography, table-top role-playing games, videography, vlogging in addition to being a cinephile and a fanatic of tv shows/series. Lately I am re-watching Doctor Who. I finished Season 2 aas well as began on Season 3 yesterday and I am enjoying the journey thus far. I was re-watching Star Trek: Enterprise prior to engaging in Doctor Who, but I was getting a bit burnt out on it and needed a break.

I am also a YouTuber. Like I said, I like to vlog. I intend to use my blog as a platform for my creativity as a writer on days where I'm not vlogging. I am going to try to make an effort to post something on my blog every day, whether it is something written or a link to a new video/vlog.

I am going to do my best to keep my personal life off of my YouTube channel as well as off my blog. There is plenty in my life other than what is happening in it that I can share about. If you have any questions for me regarding anything, feel free to ask. If the question isn't too invasive I will answer just as promptly as I can.